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Heidelberg is the third-biggest city of the metropolitan area Rhine Neckar with approximately 143,000 inhabitants. As a university town, it is the location of the oldest university of Germany, the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg. Heidelberg is well known around the world for its sights like Heidelberg Castle and Alte Brücke. The cities of Karlsruhe and Mannheim are located in close proximity to Heidelberg.

Because Heidelberg is part of one of the warmest regions of Germany, mediterranean plants and vineyards characterize the landscape. The Mediterranean atmosphere of the city can be experienced best by a walk along Philosophenweg (philosopher's path), Neckarwiese (Neckar meadow), Hauptstraße (main street) or Untere Straße. Enjoy the peerless charm of the city, the laid back life style of its inhabitants and try out the countless cafés, restaurants and rustic bars that the city offers to its visitors.

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Heidelberg sightseeing

Heidelberg Castle
Heidelberg Castle is the landmark of the city. On the hill "Königsstuhl" (king's chair) the castle "sits enthroned" above the old town of Heidelberg. The gardens around the castle and the "Stückgarten" all promise unique views over Heidelberg. Special events are the castle illuminations that take place three times a year and the castle festival that takes place in summer. But even without the castle illuminations and the castle festival, it is worth a visit. You can book cheap places to stay in Heidelberg on gloveler.com and visit Heidelberg Castle on your own!
Alte Brücke (Old Bridge)
Both the Alte Brücke (old bridge) and Heidelberg Castle belong to the best known landmarks of the city. The sandstone bridge that was built in the 18th century and was the only connection of Heidelberg to the north shore of the Neckar for a long time. The gate to the bridge that has been besieged since the 80s by the famous "Brückenaff" (bridge monkey) is worth seeing in particular. "Brückenaff" is a symbol of vanity for the purpose of transitoriness ("all conduct is vain..."). Pay the Brückenaff a visit and book an accommodation in Heidelberg on gloveler.com!
Philosophenweg (Philosophers' path)
The Philosophenweg (philosophers' path) is Heidelberg's "window to the south". As a result of the protected south hillside situation you can see Mediterranean plants, vineyards and Mediterranean villas along Philosophenweg. From all points of Philosophenweg you have a nice view over the city. The climb of Heiligenberg (saint's mountain) can be very strenuous so that most of the visitors prefer the climb-down to Alte Brücke along the so called "Schlangenweg" (snake path). In addition to that, ccheap places to stay in Heidelberg can be booked on gloveler.com.
Neckar meadows
Although Heidelberg as a whole could be seen as one big green lung, this is the green lung of the inhabitants of Heidelberg, especially of pupils and students. The meadows along the Neckar are ideal for a comfortable walk. The borough of Neuenheim, in which Neckarwiese (Neckar meadow) with Uferstraße lies, belongs to the most expensive residential areas in Germany. However, you can book an accommodation in Heidelberg on gloveler.com.
Main Street
Heidelberg's Hauptstraße (main street) is the longest pedestrian area / main street in Europe with 1.6 km length. If you're searching for an alternative shopping experience and if small stores in winding alleys please you, you will never tire of looking at the small stores you'll see in Heidelberg. Numerous cafés and restaurants invite for staying. If you look up, you can see Heidelberg Castle over and over again. And if you come back for more of the castle, you can book cheap places to stay in Heidelberg on gloveler.com – Maybe even with a view of the castle!
Untere Straße (lower road)
Untere Straße is the bar mile of Heidelberg's old town. It runs in parallel with Hauptstraße (main street). The bar "Großer Mohr" and the cocktail bar "Kleiner Mohr" belong to the best known bars here. If you're not interested in getting in touch with students and tourists but with the inhabitants of Heidelberg, the bar "Destille" should be the right place for you. And for those of you who can't get enough, an excursion to the bar "Sonderbar" that offers an unbeatable choice of absinthe should be an option. Book an accommodation in Heidelberg on gloveler.com – Then the way home is not too hard!

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